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2023 BAM



I was born and raised in Wales. I have a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Atmospheric Sciences (weather forecasting).

I currently work for a small tech startup as a Director of Software Engineering and Cybersecurity. I started swimming for a local club in Wales when I was about 10 but surfed for most of my youth. I started back in the pool when I got to Boulder in 2002.

I joined the BAM board to more formally help the club grow and thrive as a fantastic resource for the local community.




Vice President

I was born in North Carolina, but grew up in Tucson, AZ.  I graduated from the University of Arizona and moved to Silicon Valley after the software startup I joined was sold to a Bay Area Company.  After 25+ years in California we moved to Boulder in 2020.  I’m currently working for a small software consulting company, helping business sell their products on Amazon.

I started swimming at about age four or five.  Swimming competitively through High School.  After taking many years off, I got off the couch and started running, then got back in the pool.  After a few years, I started competing in triathlons.  I’ve completed one Iron Man, a few ½ Irons, many Olympic and Sprint triathlons over the last 20+ years.

Outside of swimming and triathlon I spend my spare time hiking, skiing and traveling.

I’m a big believer in swimming for fun, fitness, health, and socialization.  I’m looking forward to bringing a fresh perspective to the BAM board and the swimming community.





I was born and raised in Gendt, Netherlands. Gendt is a small town between Arnhem and Nijmegen, along the river Waal. I have a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MS in Knowledge Engineering and Management. I emigrated to the US in 2005, became a citizen in 2011, and moved from Virginia to Colorado in 2015. I currently work as a Project Manager for Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions, providing contract lifecycle management solutions.


My parents used to be swim instructors - that is actually how they met, so I could probably swim before I could walk. I also played water polo in high school, then took a 20-year break, and picked up swimming again in 2012 when I joined a Master's team in Virginia in 2012 (in preparation for my first triathlon).


I want to serve on the BAM board to help build an even stronger swim community in an endemic COVID world. 





I am a proud Boulder native. I earned a BS in Communication from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. Currently, I work for First Movers Advantage, a real estate data company, and I am their marketing and customer experience associate. 


My competitive swimming career started when I was 7, but I have been a swimmer before I could walk. I continued swimming through college, and I was added to the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference All-Sportsmanship Team.


I want to serve on the BAM board because BAM has played such a huge role in my life - as an infant I sat on the deck while my parents swam, I swam with BAM while I was back home during college breaks, and since 2019 I've been swimming with BAM full-time. I hope to help build, grow, and improve the organization with my marketing experience.


Burrow_Headshot_Nov 2021_edited.jpg


Member at Large

I was born and raised on the east coast, mostly New England and PA, though I've lived in 20% of all US states. I attended a small liberal arts college in the Midwest, earning degrees in Chemistry and (sort of) French, then went on to earn a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from CU Boulder.

I teach chemistry at CU Denver and most of my students are pre-meds. I also run all the general chemistry labs, manage student advising, act as the liaison for our concurrent enrollment program and do chemical education research.

I started swimming at 3, and swam, taught and coached my entire life (taught 6mo.-olds to 70 year-olds starting at age 14, coached in upstate NY, MD and most recently for CARA and USA teams in Westminster.)  I also earned a record for the 50 free in college, woohoo!


I want to serve on the board to help BAM successfully transition out of the COVID era and become a strong, vibrant community for all types of swimmers in the Boulder area.


Member at Large

Mike was born and raised in Northern California wine country and studied engineering at the California Institute of Technology but has lived in Colorado ever since. He has hundreds of patents and is on Wikipedia’s list of most prolific inventors.

Mike was on a swim team as a young child but had no additional significant swimming experience until his first triathlon in 1997, in which he finished dead last. Inspired, he joined BAM, worked on all three sports, and over the next 15 years participated in dozens of triathlons, running races, cycling events, and swimming competitions.

After an illness and disability that led to his professional and competitive retirement, Mike has continued to swim with BAM, for health, fitness, and social interaction. One of his goals as a member of the BAM Board of Directors is to make the club even more inviting to all swimmers, regardless of ability.

Mike lives on a small farm in rural Boulder County with his wife, Eve. In addition to swimming, he also enjoys hiking, mushroom foraging, snorkeling, and playing guitar.

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Head Coach and Member at Large

Bill is an accomplished athlete finishing every race he has started from 2x Horsetooth 10k swim finisher, 2x Hawaii Ultraman finisher, Hawaii IM, and numerous other crazy events over the last 25 years.

He loves sharing the fun and excitement of training, racing, and learning how to reach your personal goals, and beyond!
Specialties: Open water swim psychology, triathlon, and beginners. Chief hugger and motivator.


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Members in good standing can vote. These are defined as: 

  • Anyone with a currently active membership or non-zero punch pass balance. It doesn’t not include anyone with an expired membership or a zero punch pass balance

We will not have a recording of this meeting, but comprehensive minutes will be published on our site after the meeting.

Harlow Platts Community Park (South Boulder Rec)

Sunday - July 23rd, 12pm - 1pm (social to follow until 4pm) 


The slate of candidates for 2023/2024 has been published above.

Annual meeting agenda:

  • 2022/2023 Annual review - a look at the board's goals

  • 2022/2023 Vision and opportunities

  • Financial Review

    • ​2017-2023 retrospective

    • 2022/2023 PnL statement

  • Vote on the 2022/2023 BAM officers: 

    • Rhys Campbell - BAM president

    • Rob Humphrey - BAM Vice president 

    • Meghan Varner - Corporate secretary

    • Daan Zweers - Treasurer

  • Only on an affirmative vote of the officers by the membership, a vote on returning members at large

    • Mike Ellis

    • Bill Garrels

    • Cilla Burrow

  • Closing remarks - Rhys Campbell, BAM President

Annual Meeting Agenda
BAM’s Board of Directors – Role and Elections

The Board of Directors’ role is to oversee BAM’s management and affairs. Its goal is to ensure the best possible experience for all members, and a safe and welcoming environment for all swimmers ages 18 and over.

BAM’s officers (President, Vice President, Corporate Secretary and Treasurer) are all automatically members of the Board. In addition to BAM’s officers, the Board can have up to 5 additional members, which we refer to as directors “at large.”

Prior to its annual meeting, the Board determines the number of director roles it needs to fill, either because a director’s term has expired, or because the Board is increasing the number of at large directors. At the Board’s annual meeting, the Board nominates and elects directors to fill vacancies for at large positions. This procedure comes from Section IV.03 of BAM’s Bylaws.

This year (2022), we will be filling 3 at large positions, so there will be a total of 5 directors on the Board.

Because the Bylaws establish a procedure for electing officers, and those officers automatically become members of the Board, the officer directors are not elected at the Board meeting. Instead, as explained below, the Board only nominates and establishes a slate of officer candidates at its meeting, and this slate must be approved by members in attendance at the annual member meeting.

The BAM Bylaws provide that a director term is 1 year, and that a director can be elected to multiple terms.

BAM’s Officers – Positions, Roles and Elections
BAM’s officers manage BAM’s day-to-day affairs, such as finances, and report directly to the entire Board. There are currently 4 officer roles established by Section V.01 BAM’s Bylaws: President, Vice President, Corporate Secretary, and Treasurer.

According to Section V.02 of the Bylaws, to become an officer, a member must be nominated by a director, and then approved by the Board for a particular office. After a member has been nominated and approved by the Board for all four offices, the Board proposes the entire “slate” of candidates for the members to approve at the annual member meeting. The members will either vote to accept or reject the entire slate. If the slate is not accepted by a majority of the members in attendance at the annual member meeting, then the Board will repeat the above process until a slate is accepted by a majority of the members. Through this, BAM members have direct approval over who will serve in at least 4 Board positions because BAM’s officers automatically serve as directors.

Like directors, officers also hold their office for 1-year terms and may be elected to successive terms.

Although someone must be nominated by a director before he or she can be approved as a candidate on the “slate” of officers, the Board accepts nominations from the members for any person interested in being considered for an officer role. A member may nominate themselves or another person.

To nominate someone to serve as an officer, please email your nomination, with a written statement about your nominee and why you believe he or she would make a great officer, to, and what officer role you believe he or she should fill. The nomination must be received at least 2 weeks before the annual member meeting to allow the Board to consider the nomination as part of its process establishing a slate of candidates. A nominee may be nominated for more than one officer role.

Annual Member Meeting
The annual meeting should ordinarily occur in July of each year. This timeframe is established in Section III.06 of the Bylaws. While the meeting was historically held in November, the Board sought to change this in 2022 to comply with the BAM Bylaws. To give the Board time to clarify BAM’s election processes, this year the annual member meeting was postponed.

The Bylaws require BAM to give its members 14 days advance notice of the annual meeting. 

Members must be in have paid their dues to vote at the annual meeting. Only members in attendance at the annual meeting may vote. The BAM Bylaws do not allow electronic voting or proxy voting for members. However, BAM Members may attend the annual meeting remotely. The voting takes place by a show of hands or verbally. Attending the annual meeting, either in person or remotely, is important because it allows members to hear and participate in discussion before voting on important matters for BAM’s future.

BAM Bylaws
Version 7. Last updated, 2015 

Relevant Bylaw Sections:

Section III.06 – Annual Membership Meeting
Section IV.01 – Number of Directors 
Section IV.02 – Membership of the Board
Section IV.03 – Election and Term of Directors
Section IV.04 – Board Authority (including officer selection)
Section V.01 – Officer Roles and Qualifications
Section V.02 – Officer Nomination and Election
Section V.03 – Officer Terms

Election & Voting Guidelines


The board is here to work for the members and to make BAM the best it can possibly be:  a community of friends who just love to swim, no matter what level you are. We can't do that without feedback and member input, so we'd love to hear from you!

Any member can attend a board meeting to contribute or just listen in. We follow the PRAB open meeting guidelines (the more informations section), which can be found here

In future, all meeting dates and times will be posted several months in advance. But for now, please contact Rhys Campbell and state what your topic is if you wish to speak. 

We're also always happy to hold separate meetings, if there's a longer discussion required. Or come to a social event and we can talk over a cocktail or three.

BAM Bylaws:

PDF copy of the full bylaws

2021 Board Meeting Minutes:

2022 Member Meeting Minutes:

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