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Pools & Boulder Reservoir 

BAM offers it's members the flexibility and access to multiple pools and workout times. Swimming is a very seasonal sport, so we rotate different facilities based on the season. Check out our schedule for details on workout times and the specific facility each workout will be held.  


North Boulder Rec Center

3170 Broadway

Boulder, CO 80304

Indoor - 25-yard - 8 lane - pool temperature 82


East Boulder Rec Center

5660 Sioux Dr.

Boulder, CO 80303

Indoor - 25-yard pool - pool temperature 80



3975 28th St. 

Boulder, CO 80301

Outdoor - 25-meter - 6 lane - pool temperature variable


South Boulder Rec Center

(closed until further notice)

1360 Gillespie Dr.

Boulder, CO 80305

Indoor - 25-yard - 6-lane - pool temperature 82


Scott Carpenter 

(closed for the Fall and Winter)

1505 30th St.

Boulder, CO 80303

Outdoor - 50 meter - 10-lanes - pool temperature variable


Spruce Pool

(closed until further notice)

2102 Spruce St.

Boulder, CO 80301

Outdoor - 25-yard - 8-lane - pool temperature variable 


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Boulder Reservoir

(closed for Fall and Winter)

5565 51st St.

Boulder, CO 80301

Outdoor reservoir - water temperature variable

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