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BAM Announces Partnership with Silver&Fit®

Boulder Aquatic Masters (BAM) is now a participating Silver&Fit® fitness organization! The Silver&Fit program is designed specifically to help older adults achieve better health through regular exercise and health education. The Silver&Fit program provides eligible members with no-cost or low-cost fitness memberships through arrangements with certain health plans. The Silver&Fit program is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH). Silver&Fit is a federally registered trademark of ASH and used with permission herein.


If your health plan offers the Silver&Fit Premium program and you would like more information about BAM, please contact You may also visit


Details of this program

How do I register for this?

To swim with BAM, you must have an account on this website.

Once you are a member of the Silver&Fit Premium program, you will receive a member code from your insurance provider. Provide that code to us by email ( We will enter this ID into your account and sign you up for a Partner Membership.

If you don’t know your Silver&Fit member ID, you can find it on your insurance website or by calling the number on your insurance card.

What if I’m already a paid BAM member?

Unfortunately, we can’t issue refunds if you have already paid. But if you have punches left on your punch pass, they will remain in the system.

How do I sign up for workouts?

You sign up the same as you did before on Just like with any pass, you must sign up in advance for each workout, and you must cancel if you don’t attend. Remember, BAM doesn’t get paid if you don’t sign up.

Sign up for as many workouts as you like!

Do I need to check in when I come to a workout?

When you go to the city rec centers and pools to swim with BAM, tell the person at the front desk that you are with BAM, and they will let you in. You should not give the front desk your information to check in. However, if you come to work out or swim laps on your own, then you should check in at the front desk, and they will admit you for free with your Silver&Fit membership. Remember, if you are there for BAM, don’t check in with the front desk, because Silver&Fit will not reimburse both the city and BAM for the same workout.

Do I need to sign up again next year?

Nope. Once BAM has your member ID, you will remain in our system and don’t need to register again.


Sign up now if you are currently enrolled in Silver&Fit. If you will be joining one of those plans next year, you can sign up on January 1, once you have your new gym member code.

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