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New Workout Descriptions Added to BAM Schedule

In response to feedback from some of our newer members and visiting swimmers, we've added workout descriptions to the schedule page. Many of our sessions share the same mix of qualities; including varied intensity, technique work, and a variety of strokes, so it can be a challenge to encapsulate an entire workout with just one or two descriptors. In addition, the elements that make a workout "hard" or "easy" are subjective, and depend on intensity applied, rest taken, and proficiency with a given stroke or skill.

As a club that prioritizes inclusion, we have a broad spectrum of goals and abilities within our membership, and we hope to direct members to the sessions that are the best fit.

In particular, this should help the high performance/high volume swimmers to identify the workouts that are the most competitive and challenging, while guiding swimmers that prefer a casual, interactive experience towards sessions where the environment is welcoming and more individualized.


3 Star Rating System

[***] 3 Stars indicates the workout often fills to capacity, typically with experienced swimmers. Paces will range from 1:40/100 yards to 1:10/100 yards (and faster)

[**] 2 Stars indicates the workout will typically be 3-5 people per lane, and include a median pace range of 1:30/100yds to 1:50/100yds, with a few swimmers 1:20/100yds and faster, as well as a lane for swimmers at 2:00+/100yds

[*] 1 Star indicates these sessions are the least crowded, allowing for more individualized sets and/or instruction. These workouts are appropriate for all levels, but will often prioritize technique work over volume.

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