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Schedule & Pools: Meet the Team


  • Jan 14th @ 8am - Colorado Swimming Hall of Fame Pentathlon

Meet details are here.


  • Jan 19th @ 6pm - Monthly social  - Torchys

January will be at Torchys!

  • Jan 22nd @ 4pm - Horsetooth meeting

There's a few folks getting together to get excited about this one. It's a fantastic swim for a fantastic cause. Contact Carole for more info!

  • Jan 23rd @ 6-8pm - Boulder Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) meeting

Larry and Rhys routinely attend and speak at these meetings, but anyone may attend and apply to speak. If you are interested in how we advocate for BAM and the broader swimming community - pool access, open water swims at the Res etc - with the Parks and Recreation management team, this is worth attending. Contact if you would like to get involved



  • Jan 26th @ 5:30pm - Monthly board meeting

This month we will be focusing on the budget for 2023, in addition to other smaller updates. Contact if you would like to attend.

  • Jan 28th @ 8:15am - Annual Polansky Sweetheart Swim Meet

Meet details are here.

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